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Uno R3 Basic Starter Kit

Uno R3 Basic Starter Kit

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There is also a standard version of the Uno R3 starter kit , adding more Sensors, RFID modules, and more complete components.

Uno R3 starter kit, unleash your creativity and design it as your personal robot.

Equipped with a large number of electronic component kits, including motherboards, LED lights, buzzers, resistors, infrared emitting components, bread wires, temperature sensors, and more.

  • Equipped with a large number of electronic components
  • Fully Arduino IDE Compatible
  • Equipped with 9V battery buckle and USB cable DC power supply
  • For interested beginners, the most economical kit to start your electronic programming
  • Applicable age: over 6 years old (if using welding tools, please use it accompanied by an adult)
  • The set includes the following elements:
  • UNO R3 development board 1
    Prototype Expansion + Small Breadboard 1
    MB-102 High Quality Large Breadboard 1
    Advanced outer packing box x1
    SMD component box x1
    LED lights red, yellow and blue each x5 in-line resistance 220 ohms x5
    In-line resistor 1K x5
    In-line resistor 10K x5
    Active buzzer x1
    Passive buzzer x1
    Wearing a hat big button switch x4
    1 digital tube x1
    4 digital tube x1
    8*8 dot matrix x1
    Ball switch x2
    Photoresistor x3
    Adjustable resistor x1
    Flame sensor x1
    Infrared sensor x1
    LM35 temperature sensor x1
    74HC595IC x1
    Small infrared remote control x1
    1602LCD LCD screen I2C x1
    Single row pin x1
    5V stepper motor x1
    The latest UNL2003 driver board x1
    SG90 9G servo x1
    9V battery buckle (with 9V battery) x1
    Colorful bread line about x30 USB cable x1
    DuPont line x10
    Electronic data (download by yourself) x1
  • The Arduino IDE runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and is a great start to learning programming.

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