Purchasing service

The company purchases different types of teaching aids and products for primary schools, colleges, kindergartens, educational institutions and NGOs, including Taobao purchasing, JD purchasing, software licenses, etc. Educational institutions can pay within 30 days after the goods arrive, accepting P-Card , check, QFPay (credit card, AlipayHK, Wechat Pay, BOCPay) and other payment methods, the purchasing steps are as follows:

  1. Email the organization name, contact person, contact number, email address, link, quantity and options to the company's email address hkstem.club@gmail.com ;
  2. If there are many, you can fill in Excel template and email to us (hkstem.club @gmail.com ).


1. Download Excel Template

2. Contact us

E-mail: hkstem.club@gmail.com
Phone/WhatsApp: 9851-1356
WhatsApp: 9851-1356


Purchasing services include:

  • Taobao Shopping
  • pinduoduo
  • Jingdong purchasing agent
  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon.co.jp
  • Yahoo.co.jp
  • etsy
  • target
  • eBay
  • Shopee
  • GMarket
  • CoSpaces license
  • GoDaddy SSL Cert Authorization


After receiving a quote request:
  1. The company will conduct product evaluation, including evaluation of currency exchange rate, legality, customized content, delivery procedures, etc.;
  2. The company will provide a formal quotation, and the organization can stamp and sign to confirm the order;
  3. The goods will be sent together with the invoice. Individual orders must be paid before purchasing; educational institutions can pay within 30 days;
  4. The company will provide a receipt as proof of payment;
  5. Mainland goods can generally be delivered within 7-14 working days, and overseas goods can generally be delivered within 14-21 working days.


If you need assistance, please contact our staff