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R385 R365 DC Diaphragm Pump

R385 R365 DC Diaphragm Pump

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R385 R365 DC Diaphragm Pump

R385 R365 DC Diaphragm Pump

Pump Dimensions: 90mm x 40mm x 35mm

Outlet Diameter: Inner diameter 6mm, outer diameter 8.5mm

Operating Voltage: DC12V, Operating Current: 0.5-0.7A (Power must be above 6W)

Flow Rate: 1.5-2L/Min, Suction Lift: 2 meters

Head: 3 meters vertically

Lifespan: Up to 2500 hours, Water Temperature: Up to 80℃

Regarding 6V power supply, the standard is power reaching 6W, which means current above 1A. Note: Four AA batteries cannot drive it, some phone chargers cannot drive it, connecting USB to any device cannot drive it, and 9V disposable batteries are not suitable. 6V1A (sufficient A power supply) or higher power supplies are suitable.

All pumps are professionally tested before shipping. If there are water droplets upon receiving, it is not a quality issue, please use with confidence! With multiple quality checks, even in the face of express delivery, the failure rate is below 0.1%. Please rest assured, we take full responsibility and will not shirk any issues.


  1. If used for household drinking water, it is recommended to buy imported food-grade silicone tubing. It is colorless, odorless, and works excellently.
  2. Do not pump gasoline, alcohol, strong corrosive acids and bases. Saline water and vinegar are acceptable.
  3. Do not operate for more than 24 hours continuously in a single cycle (Test showed it can run for five days without damage, but that was an extreme test. In summer, running for 1-3 hours at a time is acceptable).
  4. If there are impurities or fish waste in the aquarium (easy to clog, and if hard objects damage the diaphragm, the pump will be damaged), it is necessary to use the filter screen provided by our shop.
  5. For timed watering, laptop cooling, mold water cooling, etc., which require small flow and long-term water circulation, please contact us to purchase a 6V1 sufficient A power supply.
  6. Move the pump fixing rubber ring a bit to avoid blocking the cooling holes. For 12V, limit single use time to within 2 hours, longer for 6V.