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Pimoroni - Pirate Radio - Pi Zero WH Project Kit

Pimoroni - Pirate Radio - Pi Zero WH Project Kit

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Build your own networked radio with the Pirate Radio Kit!

Updated version! The kit now includes a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, and the audio board now includes a pre-soldered header. No soldering required!

This kit includes everything you need* including a Pi Zero WH , audio board with VU meter LED, I2S DAC and stereo amplifier, 5W speakers and a nice vintage acrylic case to make it look business-like. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble (check out our assembly guide for details).

Kit Contents

  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH
  • Audio board with I2S DAC, stereo amplifier. VU meter and six buttons
  • Single 5W 4Ω speaker
  • Blue acrylic case**
  • 50cm USB A to micro-B cable
  • USB A (female) to micro B (male) adapter
  • Mini to Full Size HDMI Adapter
  • Stickers (to personalize your pirate radio!)
  • Comes in a reusable tool box

* Just add your own micro-SD card

** We have recently tweaked the design of the back layer and legs and updated the build guide with additional instructions for these new parts.

The kit takes advantage of the built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth on the Pi Zero WH, which means no need for a USB Wi-Fi dongle.

We've combined three different software items for your Pirate Radio: internet radio , Spotify streaming box , or AirPlay speaker .


  • Dual I2S DAC/Amplifier (MAX98357A)
  • 3W per channel
  • 2 push-in speaker terminals
  • DIP switch selects mixed mono or stereo mode
  • 16 RGB LED pixels (APA102), 2 rows of 8
  • 6 edge mounted buttons
  • Software installer and ALSA VU meter plugin
  • 5W 4Ω speaker with pre-soldered wires
  • 3-layer blue acrylic shell
  • Pi Zero W with single-core CPU and built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth
  • adapter kit
  • 50cm USB A to micro-B cable (to power your Pi from an existing charger or computer)
  • Pre-soldered head
  • Python library


Our nifty one-wire installer will configure your pHAT BEAT and install our ALSA VU meter plugin which uses the RGB LEDs on the pHAT BEAT to display sound levels.

We've also incorporated a Python library that allows you to control the LEDs independently if you want, and program the buttons to do whatever you want.