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MAX30102 血氧&心率脈搏傳感器 Pulse Oximeter & Heart-Rate Sensor

MAX30102 血氧&心率脈搏傳感器 Pulse Oximeter & Heart-Rate Sensor

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MAX30102 是一款集成了紅外發光二極管、LED 發光二極管、光學感測器和信號處理電路的脈搏氧飽和度(SpO2)和心率監測模塊。


紅外發光二極管和 LED 發光二極管提供高品質的照明;
高速 ADC 和 DSP 實現快速的數據處理和輸出;
內置 SpO2 和心率算法,提供準確的生物參數監測;
I2C 介面,支持 400 kHz 的通信速率;

MAX30102 是一款高度集成、可靠性高、性能優異的生物參數監測模塊,廣泛應用於健康管理、醫療設備和運動健康監測等領域。



供電電壓:1.8 V ~ 5.5 V
工作電流:600 µA
光學輸出功率:0.4 mW(紅外照明)和 0.4 mW(紅色 LED 照明)
ADC 分辨率:18 位
采樣速率:50 Hz ~ 3200 Hz
I2C 通信介面:支持 400 kHz 的通信速率
SpO2 算法準確度:±2%
心率算法準確度:±3 bpm
封裝:6 mm x 10 mm x 2.8 mm QFN



Maxim Integrated MAX30102 Pulse Oximeter & Heart-Rate Sensor

Maxim Integrated MAX30102 Sensor is an integrated pulse oximetry and heart-rate monitor module. The MAX30102 includes internal LEDs, photodetectors, optical elements, and low-noise electronics with ambient light rejection. This highly sensitive device operates on a single 1.8V power supply and a separate 5.0V power supply for the internal LEDs. Communication is through a standard I2C-compatible interface. This sensor can be shut down through software with zero standby current, allowing the power rails to remain powered at all times.


  • Heart-rate monitor and pulse oximeter sensor in an LED reflective solution
  • Tiny 5.6mm x 3.3mm x 1.55mm 14-pin optical module
  • Integrated cover glass for optimal, robust performance
  • Ultra-low power operation for mobile devices
  • Programmable sample rate and LED current for power saving
  • Low-power heart rate monitor (<1mW)
  • Ultra-low shutdown current (0.7µA Typ.)
  • Fast data output capability
  • High sample rates
  • Robust motion artifact resilience
  • High SNR
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range