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LDR Photoresistor 5528 / 5506 / 5516 / 5537 / 5539

LDR Photoresistor 5528 / 5506 / 5516 / 5537 / 5539

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Photoresistor, also known as LDR (Light Dependent Resistor), is a component that can change the resistance value according to the intensity of ambient light. It is usually made of semiconductor materials, has high sensitivity and reliability, and is often used in applications such as photosensitive sensors and optical switches.

Our photoresistor products have a variety of models to choose from, such as LDR5528, LDR5506, LDR5516, LDR5537 and LDR5539, etc., each model has its own unique resistance value and sensitivity. Our photoresistors are used in a variety of applications including ambient light control, automatic lighting systems, electronic toys, camera automatic exposure, solar products, and automatic headlight control, among others.

Our photoresistor products have the advantages of high sensitivity, fast response, precision and reliability, etc., which can provide stable and accurate light control for your application. Our photoresistor products are of high quality and low price, and can be customized according to your needs. Our team can provide you with professional technical support and after-sales service. If you have any questions about our products, welcome to contact our sales team.

model Resistance at 10 Lux Resistance at 100 Lux Maximum Power Dissipation Rise Time Fall Time Spectral Response
5528 5-10 kΩ 1.5-3.0 kΩ 100 mW 20ms 30ms 540 nm
5506 30-50 kΩ 5-10 kΩ 100 mW 30ms 50ms 540 nm
5516 5-10 kΩ 1.5-3.0 kΩ 100 mW 20ms 30ms 540 nm
5537 50-100 kΩ 10-20 kΩ 100 mW 40ms 50ms 540 nm
5539 100-200 kΩ 20-40 kΩ 100 mW 40ms 50ms 540 nm