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KY-011 雙色LED (Mini two-color LED)

KY-011 雙色LED (Mini two-color LED)

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KY-011 Description

3mm Two color LED module KY-011 for Arduino, emits red and green light. You can adjust the amount of each color using PWM.

KY-011 Specifications

This module consist of a common cathode 3mm red/green LED and a 0Ω resistor, Since operating voltage is 2.0v ~2.5v you'll need to use limiting resistors to prevent burnout when connecting to the Arduino.

Operating Voltage 2.0v ~ 2.5v
Working Current 10mA
Diameter 3mm
Package Type Diffusion
Color Red + Green
Beam Angle 150
Wavelength 571nm + 644nm
Luminosity Intensity (MCD) 20-40; 40-80

KY-011 Connection Diagram

We'll use a couple of 330Ω resistors to limit the current from the Arduino and prevent burning the LED.

KY-011 Breadboard Arduino
G 330Ω resistor Pin 10
R 330Ω resistor Pin 11

Arduino KY-011 Two color LED module connection diagram