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KY-006 無源蜂鳴器模組 Passive Buzzer

KY-006 無源蜂鳴器模組 Passive Buzzer

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適用於Micro:Bit, Arduino, Raspberry PI

Passive Buzzer 無源蜂鳴器



有源蜂鳴器: 內有電路,通電後能發出固定頻率的聲音,常用於警報器。

無源蜂鳴器: 內不設電路,需以微處理器(Micro:Bit, Arduino, Raspberry PI)發出頻率訊號發聲,可發出不同頻率的聲音,可播放樂曲,直接通電不會發出聲音。

Suitable for Micro:Bit, Arduino, Raspberry PI

The KY-006 Buzzer Module consists of a passive piezoelectric buzzer, it can generate tones between 1.5 to 2.5 kHz by switching it on and off at different frequencies either using delays or PWM.

Operating Voltage 1.5 ~ 15V DC
Tone Generation Range 1.5 ~ 2.5kHz
Dimensions 18.5mm x 15mm

Micro:Bit PXT Sample Code: