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KittenBot Robotbit EDU Expansion Board

KittenBot Robotbit EDU Expansion Board

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The biggest feature of this expansion board is that it combines the powerful driving force of Robotbit with the anti-reversal design of Armourbit, which makes wiring easier. Moreover, the 4 motor interfaces and 8 servo interfaces of Robotbit are retained, so that Robotbit Edu still has a strong driving force.


1. Strong driving force

- Can drive up to 8 servos and 4 motors or 2 stepper motors at the same time

2. Anti-reverse insertion wiring design

-Adopt PH2.0 3Pin anti-reverse plug interface, making wiring easier

3. Supporting special protective case

-Not only provide protection, but also provide standard Lego hole and M3 screw nut connection

4. Integration of power supply and charging

-Uniform power supply to all output positions, stable power supply

- Comes with 18650 battery holder, optional lithium battery to supply power to all output positions on the board (convenient choice)

- Comes with USB charging port and power indicator light

- You can also choose to use the external power input mode to supply power with the battery box (the choice for boosting power, the maximum input voltage is 6V, that is, 4 pieces of 1.5V 3A/2A batteries)

5. With power management and protection circuit

- It can avoid dangerous situations such as over-discharging and over-charging of the battery, and it will also have proper protection when short-circuited

6. Comes with lighting and sound effects

- There is a buzzer and full-color LED lights on the board

7. Support a variety of main control boards

- Perfect support for Micro:bit, Meowbit and future boards



Dimensions: 78 x 57 x 23mm

Power supply mode: 5V USB power supply, 4.2~3.7V lithium battery power supply

Vin external input: maximum 6V3A

Working voltage: 3V/5V, 18650 lithium battery maximum output 1A


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