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KittenBot - IoT Educational Kit IoT Future Educational Kit

KittenBot - IoT Educational Kit IoT Future Educational Kit

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The IoT Future Teaching Kit is a teaching kit based on the Future Board, which is designed for IoT, smart home and smart transportation. The content is close to real life, full of fun, practicality and knowledge, and helps students easily understand the application of IoT and smart cities. The kit contains 10 application examples of IoT smart cities, enabling students to keep abreast of technological developments and stimulate creativity.


  1. The color screen of the future board can arouse students' interest, and learn programming from scratch in 16 lessons
  2. There are about 10 application cases in the kit, and the content is all about the principle of life, smart home and Internet of Things, etc. The content is closely related to the times and allows students to easily connect knowledge with daily life
  3. Hands-on construction of various application projects, combined with simple programming, enables students to understand the concept of the Internet of Things more comprehensively and easily and stimulates the spirit of makers


  • Kit Dimensions: 205 x 182 x 75mm
  • Weight: 600 g

Kit Contents

  • Future Board x1
  • Robotbit Edu expansion board x1
  • Robotbit base x1
  • 18650 lithium battery x1
  • Sugar LED module x3
  • Sugar button module x1
  • Sugar photosensitive module x1
  • Sugar Line Patrol Module x1
  • Sugar Magnetic Sensor Module x1
  • Sugar temperature and humidity detection module x1
  • Sugar human body infrared module x1
  • Sugar joystick module x1
  • Sugar laser ranging module x1
  • GeekServo 2KG gray servo x1
  • GeekServo 2KG red motor x1
  • Plastic building block pack x1
  • Decorative structural cardboard x3
  • 3Pin cable x6
  • 4Pin cable x2
  • USB cable x1

Case introduction

1. The weather assistant can detect the ambient temperature and humidity, and can also obtain data from the observatory. It is most suitable for checking the weather before going out.


2. The laser rangefinder can be used to detect the distance of obstacles ahead and display it on the screen in real time.


3. The welcome robot simulates the store to welcome customers. When it detects that someone is approaching, it will automatically wave and make a sound to welcome customers.


4. The countdown alarm clock simulates a timer, twist the potentiometer to adjust the time, and it will send out a sound reminder after the countdown is completed.


5. The safe box simulates a safe, the user needs to twist the potentiometer to enter the password, and the safe will be opened if the password is correct. In addition, the anti-theft alarm that forcibly opened the folder was simulated.


6. Smart street lights simulate a group of smart street lights, and control the switch of the street lights through the Internet of Things. The brightness will be automatically adjusted according to the brightness of the environment.


7. Smart Traffic Lights simulates a set of smart traffic lights.


8. Smart parking lot simulates a smart parking lot, automatically opens the gate to allow cars to drive in or out, and automatically detects the number of vacancies in the parking lot.


9. The unmanned car simulates a car, which can be controlled by a joystick or controlled by the Internet of Things.


Assembly instructions for the IoT Future Teaching Kit: