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KittenBot IO:bit v2.0 擴展板

KittenBot IO:bit v2.0 擴展板

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新版v2.0 全新功能:

  • 3.5mm 接口
  • 5個金手指接口
  • USB供電 (最高5V1A)
  • 3.3V, 5V 輸出
  • 全部引腳導出
  • 無源蜂鳴器 (帶開關)
  • Microbit臥式插座 - 直插插上Micro:Bit




  1. 電源指示燈 - 由Microbit供電,指示燈亮紅色,沒供電不亮燈
  2. P0無源蜂鳴器 - 在Makecode中使用音樂分欄積木即可進行編程,發出聲音,平時上電是不會有聲音的
  3. 3 Pin I/O 插腳 - 
    1. 把Microbit中所有引腳引出,沒有任何保留
    2. P19和P20口不要用做IO使用,Makecode軟件中寫了可以,但是實際是不行的
    3. I/O 推薦使用 P0,P1,P2,P12,P13,P14,P15,P16
      P3-P11這些I/O 與 Microbit 重覆使用了,不能直接用,需要設置才
  4. 板子背後有絲印 - 詳解解釋了每個I/O
  5. IObit使用注意事項
    1. IObit的驅動能力很弱,電流不足200ma,請勿接大電流器件(例如馬達、大舵機 MG995、直流電機),否則會燒壞Microbit,使用前必須完全瞭解清楚你所使用的器件電流情況。
    2. IObit 只能驅動1路9g 3V小舵機,2路以上會發抖(電流不夠),
    3. 如果把P0作為普通IO口使用必須拔掉跳線帽,否則蜂鳴器會響或者IO讀取數值不正常
    4. 供電建議從Microbit的usb口進行供電,或者Microbit上的3V電機座接口。IObit上的3.3V與GND最高只能外部接3.3V電源
    5. 使用與Microbit點陣的引腳(如3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、11),記得在軟件上把點陣屏禁用掉,否則會有點陣屏亂亮的現象
    6. IObit供電上不能使用3.7V鋰電池包,插上去會把Microbit燒壞
    7. 禁止放在金屬製品上使用,以免短路


    This is a low-cost expansion board for Micro:bit, which is specifically used for the IO ports of Micro:bit. It has taken all the IO resources on the Micro:bit, and also has a buzzer on the board. It is connected to the P0 pin through the jumper cap. The P0 pin can be released using a jumper cap. The small size is very suitable for small projects using Micro:bit.


    • Small size, very suitable for DIY
    • All IO ports are extracted
    • On-board buzzer- you can directly use the music module in MakeCode to play music. At the same time, the 3.5mm audio connector on the board can be connected to audio equipment; such as, headphones to have more creative endeavors.
    • Two LEGO-compatible pin holes for easy assembly and integration
    • The 3PIN interface is distinguished by yellow, red, and black. It is created so that plugging it in the wrong way is difficult, and it is convenient to plug in the sensors.
    • It imitates the 5PIN gold fingers on the Micro:bit. This is convenient for makers who like to use the alligator clips.
    • Compared with IObit1.0, the biggest difference is that it can input and output 5V, support 5V sensor use, and increases the drive capacity (can drive multiple 9g small servos).
    • Includes 1A self-recovery fuse
    • Custom-designed silk screen board

    Technical parameters

    • Power supply mode: IobitV.2.0 supports USB5V power supply. This power supply mode requires pressing the blue power switch.
    • Working voltage: 3V-5V (5V sensor module is not supported under 3V power supply)
    • Output current: 3V and 5V power interface with maximum output 1A
    • Serial port extraction: serial port can map IO port
    • I2C port leads: pins 19 and 20 can only be used as I2C function pins. They cannot be read and written as ordinary IO ports, because Micro:bit bottom is dead.
    • Spi port leads; 14, 15 (IO port can be read and written).

    When using the Micro:bit power supply, IObit IO port drive capability is very weak, IO port current is less than 200mA, please do not connect high current devices (such as large servo MG995, DC motor), otherwise it will burn out the Micro:bit , you must fully understand before using what the device current conditions needed

    When using a 5V external power supply, you can drive multiple small servos, but please note that the maximum current is 1A!

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