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Keyes - Mini Tracked Tank Vehicle Set

Keyes - Mini Tracked Tank Vehicle Set

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Keyes - Mini Tracked Tank Vehicle Set

6 core functions

  • Obstacle avoidance
  • follow function
  • Infrared remote control
  • bluetooth control
  • Tracking function
  • display pattern


  • Motor speed: 6V speed 150 rpm
  • The control motor uses the L298P drive expansion board with its own power control switch.
  • Ultrasonic sensing angle: <15 degrees
  • Ultrasonic detection distance: 2cm-400cm
  • Infrared remote control distance: 10 meters
  • Bluetooth remote control distance: 50 meters
  • Photoresistor module: detect the light intensity on both sides of the tank and control the tank
  • Bluetooth App Control: Supports Andriod and IOS systems, can be connected to an external 7-12V voltage, and can be equipped with a variety of sensor modules.