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HC-SR04 / HC-SR04P Ultrasonic Sensor Ranging Module

HC-SR04 / HC-SR04P Ultrasonic Sensor Ranging Module

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HC-SR04 operating voltage 5V (for Raspberry Pi, Arduino)

HC-SR04P operating voltage 3-5V (for Micro:Bit)

  1. This module has stable performance and accurate distance measurement. It has the same function as SRF05, SRF02 and other ultrasonic ranging modules.
    The high precision of the module, the super close blind zone (2cm), and the stable distance measurement are the strong basis for this product to successfully enter the market!
  2. The main technical parameters:
    1. Use voltage: DC5V
    2. Quiescent current: less than 2mA
    3. Level output: High 5V 4:
    4. Level output: bottom 0V
    5. Sensing angle: not more than 15 degrees 6: Detection distance: 2cm-450cm
    6. High precision: up to 0.3cm
    7. PCB board size: 4.5*2.0CM
    8. Wiring mode, VCC, trig (control terminal), echo (receiving terminal), GND

How to use this product:

When a control port sends a high level of more than 10uS, it can wait for the high level output at the receiving port. Once there is an output, the timer can be started for timing, and when the port becomes low level, the value of the timer can be read. The time is the time of this distance measurement, and the distance can be calculated. Such continuous periodic measurement can reach the value of your mobile measurement~~

How the module works:

(1) Use IO to trigger ranging, and give a high-level signal of at least 10us;

(2) The module automatically sends 8 square waves of 40khz, and automatically detects whether there is a signal return;

(3) There is a signal return, and a high level is output through the IO, and the duration of the high level is

The time it takes for an ultrasonic wave to return from its launch. Test distance = (high level time * speed of sound (340m/S))/2;

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