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GY-530 VL53L0X 激光測距傳感器

GY-530 VL53L0X 激光測距傳感器

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GY-530 VL53L0X 激光測距傳感器 

  • ToF (Time of Flight)
  • 測距
  • 飛行時間測距傳感器模塊


資料下載: GY530


VL53L0X 是一種時間飛行(ToF)距離傳感器,用於測量目標的距離。以下是 VL53L0X 的規格:

工作電壓:2.8V 至 5.5V DC
測量範圍:0.1m 至 4m(可以擴展到 8m,但有些限制)
通信協議:I2C(最高可達 400kHz)
尺寸:4.4mm x 2.4mm x 1.0mm

VL53L0X 傳感器使用脈衝激光發射短暫的光,然後測量光線反射回傳感器的時間。然後將此時間轉換為距離測量。該傳感器可以測量距離最近為 0.1m,解析度為 1mm。

VL53L0X 的測量時間通常少於 30ms,適用於實時應用。該傳感器的視野角度為 25度,這意味著它可以在寬範圍內檢測目標。該傳感器通過 I2C 協議進行通信,該協議在工業中廣泛使用。該傳感器體積小,易於集成到各種電子項目中。

VL53L0X 常用於機器人、無人機和其他需要精確距離測量的應用。由於其高精度、快速測量時間和小尺寸,VL53L0X 是各種電子項目的理想選擇。




VL53L0X is a time-of-flight (ToF) distance sensor that is used for measuring the distance to a target. Here are the specifications of VL53L0X:

Operating voltage: 2.8V to 5.5V DC
Measurement range: 0.1m to 4m (can be extended up to 8m with some limitations)
Resolution: 1mm
Measurement time: typically <30ms (depending on range and accuracy settings)
Field of view: 25 degrees
Communication protocol: I2C (up to 400kHz)
Size: 4.4mm x 2.4mm x 1.0mm

The VL53L0X sensor uses a pulsed laser to emit a short burst of light, and then measures the time it takes for the light to reflect back to the sensor. This time is then converted into distance measurement. The sensor can measure distances as close as 0.1m, with a resolution of 1mm.

The measurement time of VL53L0X is typically less than 30ms, making it suitable for real-time applications. The sensor has a field of view of 25 degrees, which means it can detect targets within a wide range. The sensor communicates over the I2C protocol, which is widely used in the industry. The sensor is also small in size, making it easy to integrate into various electronic projects.

VL53L0X is commonly used in robotics, drones, and other applications that require precise distance measurement. With its high accuracy, fast measurement time, and small size, VL53L0X is an ideal choice for a variety of electronic projects.