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KY-023 Dua-Axis Joystick

KY-023 Dua-Axis Joystick

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Dual-Axis Button Joystick / PS2 Game Joystick / Joystick / JoyStick / Electronic Building Blocks

The PS2 dual-axis button game joystick module uses a metal button joystick potentiometer. The module has two analog outputs and one digital output interface. The output values correspond to (X, Y) dual-axis offsets, and the type is analog;

The button indicates whether the user presses it on the Z axis, and its type is a digital switch value. The module integrates a power indicator light, which can display the working status;

The coordinate identifier is clear and concise, and accurately positioned;

It can easily control the movement of objects (such as two-degree-of-freedom servo gimbal) in two-dimensional space,

It can be programmed through the Arduino controller and plugged in with the sensor expansion board to complete creative remote control interactive works.