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KY-019 5V Relay 1 way relay expansion version

KY-019 5V Relay 1 way relay expansion version

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  1. The driving voltage of the relay coil is 5V, and the input control level can also be within 5V. Module description:
    Using original Songle relay, output drive capacity: 250V AC -10A, 125V AC -10A, 30V DC -10A, 28V DC -10A;
  2. Easy to use, each set of output has a simple 3-wire structure, and 6 output terminals are reserved;
  3. The input is directly connected to the IO port of the single-chip microcomputer or the digital circuit, the input high-level relay pulls in, and the input low-level relay releases;
  4. Working voltage 5V, pull-in current about 70mA per channel, with relay status indicator light;
  5. Full SMD components, the most reasonable drive circuit design, using 8050 triode to drive the relay action;
  6. There are fixing screw holes for easy installation, the size of the circuit board is 1.8cm*4.0cm*1.9cm, and the weight is 15g;

Simple test instructions:

The input and output of the module are electrically insulated. After supplying the correct voltage, you only need to connect a high level (such as a short circuit with VCC) on the input pin to make the relay pick up. short circuit) the relay does not operate.