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4X4 Matrix Keypad

4X4 Matrix Keypad

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4X4 Matrix Keypad Product Description

4X4 Matrix Keypad

This is a 4X4 matrix keypad with 16 keys, suitable for use as an external keyboard for microcontroller projects. The keypad is designed to be simple and practical, allowing for easy implementation in various applications.

Product Features

  • Matrix Design: 4X4 matrix design with 16 keys, providing a rich set of input options.
  • Easy to Use: Suitable for various microcontroller projects, making it convenient for users to quickly develop their applications.
  • Stable and Reliable: The keys respond quickly and are durable and reliable.
  • Standard Interface: Plug-in design, making it easy to connect to various development boards and modules.


  • Microcontroller projects
  • DIY electronics
  • Smart home control panels
  • Educational experiments


  • Number of Keys: 16
  • Matrix Arrangement: 4 rows and 4 columns
  • Interface Type: Standard pin header interface
  • Dimensions: Standard size, easy to install and use

This 4X4 matrix keypad is a cost-effective external keyboard solution, providing reliable performance and convenience for both learning and project development.